Our podcast guest, Cate Scolnik, from Canberra, Australia, has some great tips on how to scrap imposter syndrome and skyrocket your business.   Imposter syndrome often appears when thinking about posting on social media.   Those dreaded thoughts keep creeping in and before you know it you are afraid to post, or appear on videos on your social media feeds.   Cate discusses how to get rid of those thoughts of imposter syndrome once and for all.   She talks about:

  • What’s a simple way to silence my inner critic?
  •  How do you gain the confidence to go live on social media?
  •  How do you use your personal profile to build a business?
  • Can I post personal stuff about my kids to my profile without having
    the world see it?
  •  How do you run a business around family commitments?

Scrap Imposter Syndrome and Skyrocket Your Business



Cate Scolnik Social Links


https://www.linkedin.com/in/catescolnik/  free community for aspiring social
media freelancers:

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this is achievable”

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Cate Scolnik Bio

Cate Scolnik specialises in helping people build their business on Facebook
starting from ZERO… without spending a cent on advertising.

Cate has a unique ability to take the complex and make it simple, and she is
passionate about social media.

Cate literally grew up in small business – her mother owned an antique shop
and her father was a GP. Cate’s earliest “professional” experience was
answering the switchboard for her father’s medical practice.

Today she focuses on helping other mums launch their own successful social
media businesses so they gain both financial freedom and family time.  She helps them ‘recover’ from imposter syndrome!

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