How to make money online by selling your expertise?  Bob Minas, our podcast guest has over 17 years of entrepreneur experience, training corporate and entrepreneurial leaders.

In this how to make money online podcast you will learn

  1. What is expertise in 2021?
  2. How do you differentiate expertise?
  3. How do I find out if anyone even cares about my expertise?
  4. What’s your process when you help someone make money with their expertise?
  5. What if I’m an introvert? Do I have to speak on stages?
  6. Why are YOU the person to help people do this?

How to Make Money Online


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Bob Minhas Bio

Bob Minhas is THE authority to high performing corporate and entrepreneurial leaders with his intense Expert Activation System. His combined 17 years of entrepreneur experience, education, and life experience align him perfectly to position you as the wanted expert in your field. His first quarter-million-dollar business instructed other experts on HGTV. He had coached over 500 business owners through workshops and private sessions.

His soon to be released book, From Addict to Expert, maps the journey of his early dysfunction with business and people, and his recovery to authenticity. He is in high demand with audiences to share this story as an inspiring and engaging speaker, delivering actionable steps while engaging through humour and vulnerability.

Bob is a proud father to three future leaders. He balances life with yoga, GIF’s, and 90’s TV trivia. He is also an advocate for mental health, bringing that to focus by co-founding TEDxNewmarket in 2018.

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