8 Qualities For Great Leadership

Available in printed and digital editions starting April 28, 2023.  


8 Qualities For Great Leadership

In “8 Qualities For Great Leadership – Critical Elements For Current and Future Success”  Elaine Slatter collaborates with 7 outstanding leaders to uplevel your leadership skills to the next level.  As of April 28, 2023 we are excited to announce that 8 Qualities For Great Leadership is an International #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

As founder of XL Consulting Group, and Fabulous Fempreneurship, Elaine incorporates her Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience to talk about the importance of Communication and Engagement and what it means for leaders to be successful.



Meet the Authors of “8 Qualities for Great Leadership”


Yeukai Kajadori – Founder Yeukai Business Show & Yeukai Publishing Services

Yeukai is a highly respected remote teams expert who has been leading and transforming remote teams for over a decade. With a mission to empower consultants, coaches, and business owners to do business on their terms, Yeukai is a trailblazer in the industry. He is not only an entrepreneur, business coach, and founder, but also the executive producer of the highly successful “Yeukai Business Show” podcast, where he and his expert guests share actionable insights to help business owners triple their productivity. Yeukai’s chapter is “Leading Well Virtually And With Remote Teams”.

Trevor Stockwell – Founder Trevor Stockwell Leader Development Services

Trevor is a leadership coach and a trainer with 20+ years’ leadership experience spanning both the corporate and the nonprofit sectors. He empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to raise their inner game by leading themselves well and maximizing their external results when leading others. He authored the first chapter entitled “Self-Leadership:  Raising Your Inner Game Maximizes Your External Results”.

Elaine Slatter – Founder XL Consulting Group

After a 30+ Corporate Career as a member of the Leadership Team, Elaine founded a Marketing Consulting Company, a small business advisory company specializing in business strategy and all aspects of marketing, including branding, social media, and website design for companies and individual entrepreneurs. Elaine writes about “Improving Communication and Engagement”.

Kylie Van Luyn – Founder and CEO of Elevated Coaching & Consulting

Kylie is a  workforce development and social services subject matter specialist. She is passionate about building organizational strategies to foster greater emotional intelligence in leadership and workplace diversity and inclusion and psychological safety.  She writes an inspirational chapter on “Emotional Intelligence Drives Leadership Success”.

Kerry Wekelo – COO (Chief Operating Officer) at Actualize Consulting

In her leadership, Kerry blends her experiences as a consultant, an executive coach, an award-winning author, a mindfulness expert, and an entrepreneur.  Her book and program, Culture Infusion: 9 Principles for Creating and Maintaining a Thriving Organizational Culture and her latest book Gratitude Infusion, are the impetus behind Actualize Consulting’s award-winning culture — including Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine and FORTUNE Best Small & Medium Workplaces.  Kerry’s chapter is all about “Intentional Leadership”.

Anastasia Neddersen – CEO at Whiznook, Inc., 

Realizing that most entrepreneurs lack emotional intelligence skills that greatly undermine the success of their companies, she founded Whiznook to measure and cultivate collective intelligence. Whiznook offers fun online games that extract behavioral data in real time and promote team development using adaptive training.  Anastasia’s topic is “Leadership Resilience:  Individual and Collective”.

Rick Mayo – CEO and founder of the Alloy Personal Training Franchise

He is an accomplished fitness business entrepreneur who started his journey in 1992 with his original personal training studio. He later created Alloy, a personal training business platform adopted by leading health clubs and gym brands, serving over 1,000 licensed fitness facilities and millions of members worldwide.  In 2019, he launched the Alloy Personal Training Franchise and was named Fitness Business of the Year by the Association of Fitness Studios.  He now has over 100 franchisees.   His keynote chapter is “Building Trust: The Secret Sauce To Building A Valuable and Successful Business”.

Dancho Dimkov – Founder of BizzBee Solutions

CMC is a B2B outreach consultant, serial entrepreneur and dedicated growth enthusiast. He is on a mission to help SMEs grow while taking into consideration their limited budgets.  At just 22, he was awarded ‘Global Innovator for 2009. This award paved the way to speaking engagements at major events in different parts of the world, from Finland and India to Brazil and beyond.  Dancho talks about “Designing Your B2B Growth Strategy”.