Our podcast guest, Liz Grantham, from Johannesburg South Africa, talks about how important functional movement is for your body.  Liz calls it “a pension plan for your body!”  We need to learn how to increase and maintain strength, balance, flexibility and mobility as you work from home.

In this podcast you will learn:

  •  What exactly is functional movement?
  •  How is TheOptimal.me different from yoga or pilates or other movement programs?
  •  How do these movements specifically address the physical ailments found in female entrepreneurs?
  •  What impact does working from home or other COVID issues have on staying functionally fit?
  •  What other wellness tips and recommendations do you have in conjunctions with movement?

How to Increase and Maintain Strength


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Liz Grantham Bio

Liz Grantham is the founder of TheOptimal.me She has more than thirty years of experience in marketing and advertising with global clients such as Visa, Shell, and Sony Mobile, working on projects including the Olympics.

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