Social media engagement is a “must” for small business owners but how do you stand out and save time on social media?  Our podcast guest, David Trotter will help us navigate that questions with his great advice on how to improve your social media presence with sparking conversations, and stopping the scroll.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The biggest challenges of social media
  • How to save time with so many social media platforms available
  • What if the business owner doesn’t know what to post?
  • How to get over the anxiety of posting photos or videos of ourselves
  • How can we turn followers into clients and customers?
  • How can “Rise Up Creatives” help us stand out and save time?

Stand Out and Save Time on Social Media


David Trotter Social Links

David Trotter Special Offer

The Rise Up Creatives subscription platform is designed especially for women entrepreneurs to help them stand out and save time on social media.   Each month Rise Up Creatives helps businesses create content, captions and beautiful pictures for all their social media.

7 Day Free Trial of Rise Up Creatives –

David Trotter Bio

David Trotter is a business growth consultant dedicated to helping new business owners rise above their biggest barriers to reach their greatest goals. After consistently hearing from his clients about the challenges of creating content for social media, lead magnets, and webinar slide decks, he launched Rise Up Creatives, a membership platform to help business owners create beautiful, engaging social media content in just five minutes a day. David is also the host of the Inspiration Rising podcast with over 180 episodes featuring female entrepreneurs and leaders sharing their experience and wisdom, and his latest book is entitled “Empowered to Rise: The Secret to Embracing Your True Identity, Uncovering Your Super Powers, and Bringing Your Inspiration to the World.” David and his wife, Laura, have been married over 26 years and live in southern California with their two almost-grown kids.

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