Do you need a mentor to help your business grow? Our volunteer mentors can help with anything from Social Media, Networking, Business Strategy, Accounting/Bookkeeping and so much more. Sign up and one of these awesome mentors will coach you for 6 x half hour sessions via Skype or Google Hangouts. You choose your mentor from the list below and contact them directly (put Fab Fempreneurship mentorship in subject line) to set up your mentoring sessions. If they are fully booked, they will connect with you to suggest the next available start date. Don't delay...sign up to-day!

Elaine Slatter, BA

Experience:  Business Coach, Strategist

Area of Expertise: Business Planning, Marketing, Web Design, Social Media, Online Course Creation


Linda Sztanko

Experience:  Trainer, Coach, Speaker

Area of Expertise: Networking Coach, Trainer on the MLM business model


Joti Vallabh, CPA

Experience:  Accountant

Area of Expertise:  Financial Management, Quick Books, Tax, Bookkeeping



Hillary Strobel (Pacific Time Zone)

Experience:   Social Entrepreneur, Startup Coach (California)

Area of Expertise:  Social Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup Methodology, Community Outreach




Valerie Fox

Experience:  Executive and Professional Coach, Incubators for Startups

Area of Expertise: Business development, digital technology, incubator design models


Stacy Maynard

Experience: Visibility and Social Media Coach

Area of Expertise: Guiding entrepreneurs through social media authenticity 

Contact:  website:


Nadine Doktor

Nadine Doktor

Experience:  Finance, Investing, Insurance, Owner of Retail Operation

Area of Expertise:  Retail Operations, Insurance, Organizing Finances



Jo-Ann Hamilton

Jo-Ann Hamilton (UK Time Zone)

Experience:  Product Development, Product Design, Financing Projects

Area of Expertise:   Consulting for social enterprise development, community platform development



Ghilaine Chan

Ghilaine Chan (U.K. Time Zone)

Experience: Technical Consultancy, Business Operations & Management

Area of Expertise:   Scaling businesses, technical business, sustainable growth, delighting customers



Natalie Costa (UK Time Zone)

Experience:  Coach, Speaker & Teacher

Area of Expertise:  Confidence coaching for women, empowering women to overcome their barriers to enjoy a life full of confidence, happiness and fulfillment.  Group exercise and fitness instructor.



Lianne Dennis (Bali, Indonesia GMT+8)

Experience:   Owner of Clothing Manufacturing and Organic Foods Companies (Bali)

Area of Expertise:  International Business Startups and Market Penetration



Rachel Smets (Netherlands, GMT+1)

Experience:  Trainer, Confidence Coach, Author, Speaker

Area of Expertise:  Confidence, Moving Abroad, Cultural Integration, Languages