Do you know how to get more visible on media?  Yelena Ganshof is a media producer based in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is host of the Inside Tomorrow TV talk show and is an expert on how to pitch to media.

In this episode you will learn these key takeaways

  • How to get more visible on media from a media perspective?
  • What media is actually looking for?
  • How to create the best story?
  • Yelena’s tips in approaching media?

How to Get More Visible on Media


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Yelena Ganshof Bio

Yelena Ganshof van der Meersch is a media producer and host of INSIDE TOMORROW TV talk show based in Geneva. Yelena stays in the heart of innovative technology trend discussions over Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, Space Technology and much more. She is also a founder of BrandBoosting agency helping companies gain visibility by customers, partners and potential investors. As a creative mind, she is embracing the technology to bring storytelling and content marketing to businesses together with new innovative solutions.

Yelena pays a special attention to the art of speaking, presentation and being camera ready, which is essential in the fast pace digital world that we live in today.

Yelena’s rich international career spans an impressive range of disciplines from the financial and diplomacy sectors to branding and media production.  Siberian by origin, she has over 25 years experience living and working in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland.  Yelena has a degree in International Economic Relations from Russia and a Master’s degree in Economics from the US.

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