Our podcast guest, Jasmin Augustin, from Houston, Texas,  talks about how to create an Instagram strategy that sells.  You will learn everything you need to know about Instagram whether you have products to sell or if you are a service provider.

  • Why Instagram? (or Why is Instagram your platform of choice?)
  • Who should be on Instagram?
  • What do entrepreneurs need to know about hashtags?
  • Reels are a big hit right now… do we really need to be creating them?
  • What are the types of content that actually sell and convert?
  • What’s the deal with Instagram Stories?

How to Create an Instagram Strategy that Sells


Jasmin Augustin Social Links

Website:  www.mediajasmin.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mediajasmin

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/mediajasmin

Clubhouse – @mediajasmin

Special Offer from Jasmin Augustin

Private 1-1 Coaching – The Jasmin Elevation includes 5 1-hour per/week coaching sessions tailored 100% to your social media needs and goals for only $1,497!  Contact Jasmin at: jasmin@mediajasmin.com

Free Stories Guide also available at:  bit.ly/storiesthatspark

Jasmin Augustin Bio

Jasmin Augustin is the Founder of Media Jasmin, where she uses psychology-based selling to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big brands turn followers into dollars. Jasmin focuses on Full-Service Social Media Management, Coaching, and Training and specializes in the Instagram platform.

Jasmin has a Masters in Social Work with a minor in Psychology and has been in the Digital Marketing Industry since 2016. She is a 3X award winner including the SBA Home-Business Champion of 2019 in the Houston District. She loves reading, yoga, and connecting on social media.

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