Can you live your dream and at the same time use the immense power of unlocking your soul purpose in business and life? Our expert< Melissa Hughes is living that life and wants to show you how.

In this podcast Melissa will help you discover

  • How do you leverage your soul purpose in business?
  • How do you know when you are standing or sitting in your purpose?
  • Tell us about the movement.
  • Why did Melissa start the movement?
  • How do you relate purpose with profits and give me examples?
  • Tell us about your time rich and profitable 80/20 method that you share leads to freedom and legacy.
  • The “Live Rich Spread Wealth” movement is being premiered in a documentary, how do we find out more?

The Immense Power of Unlocking Your Soul Purpose in Business and Life


Melissa Hughes Social Links


To view the documentary go to:  Website:
Tel: +1 (313) 460-6488
Linkedin in: Melissa-Lisa-Hughes-MHA-PMP
Facebook: TheGuruOfImplementation
Instagram: @IAmMelissaHughes

Melissa Hughes Bio

A self-made millionaire by 31, Melissa Hughes is the founder of the Live Rich. Spread Wealth. Global Movement, which is changing the lives of businesspeople worldwide. She is a master business coach, best-selling author, international
speaker, and consultant. Her mission: to help entrepreneurs and individuals at large companies to accomplish their business goals (including massive profits) while staying connected to their authentic self, transforming the world, and creating lives
of limitless abundance. Her purpose is unlocking your soul purpose.

Known as The Guru of Implementation®, Melissa’s success, and that of her clients, is a result of her practical, proven systems for business and life success. Her clients include companies like Microsoft, Motorola, ESPN, and globally recognized speaker Lisa Nichols, star of the hit film, The Secret, as well as small start-ups and individuals. Large corporations around the world hire Melissa to advise them on projects and initiatives to the tune of $20 million, and she specializes in helping to ensure culture, communication, project scope, and implementation are successful across divisions, departments, and business units.

Melissa is a dynamic, transformative speaker who has presented to companies and at entrepreneurial events, conferences, universities, and associations throughout the U.S. and in Ukraine, Dubai, Costa Rica, Canada, Bali, Tokyo, and Amsterdam, to name a few. Thanks to her high-accountability and firm-love coaching style, Melissa’s coaching clients (who number in the thousands) have created massive results in their business and personal lives.

Melissa, a wife and the mom of a seven-year-old global citizen (who has already been to 14 countries), serves as a board member on the Detroit Chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization. She has worked with leaders, trailblazers, sleeping giants, and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them live their divine purpose and a full life.

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