In this podcast with Susie Matheson and Christy Ford we talk about their journey from a startup to franchise success, launching The Scout Guide.   From zero to 74+ franchises, we talk about they got started with no previous experience in franchising and the success of their franchise program in just a few years.

In this podcast you will discover:

1. What is The Scout Guide and how did it get started.
2. How has The Scout Guide grown since the beginning?
3. Why did you transform The Scout Guide into a franchise?
4. What sets The Scout Guide franchise model apart?
5. You are 100% women-owned — why has your model worked so well for women entrepreneurs?
6. How does The Scout Guide support their network of owners?

The Scout Guide – From a Startup to Franchise Success


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Bios of The Scout Guide Founders:

Susie Matheson

In 2008, Susie started Scout Charlottesville, a blog where she wrote about the local treasures she discovered while exploring her town. The response was overwhelmingly positive; readers embraced Susie’s voice and coveted her unique finds, and the businesses that she mentioned saw their sales figures increase. In collaboration with her friend and co-founder Christy Ford, The Scout Guide borrowed from that successful formula to grow into the franchise it is today. In addition to remaining in her role as co-editor of The Scout Guide’s flagship guide in Charlottesville, Susie leads advertising and franchise sales across the business as co-founder.

Christy Ford

Christy started her career in New York City, where she was a photographer for seven years. After moving to Charlottesville, she opened And George, an antique and home store, with her mother. As the business grew, Christy realized there was a lack of successful advertising opportunities for small businesses and was driven to find a solution—and so, in collaboration with Susie, The Scout Guide was born. In addition to remaining in her role as co-editor of The Scout Guide’s flagship guide in Charlottesville, Christy leads creative direction and branding across the business as co-founder.

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