In this podcast, former Corporate stratagist, Dennis Geelen, talks about learning to bet on yourself as an entrepreneur.   We discuss the transition between Corporate life and life as a solopreneur, the mistakes made and the lessons learned.   In this podcast you will discover:

  • When and how did Dennis decide to start his own solo consulting practice (Zero In)
  • What were some of the biggest mistakes he made in the beginning?
  • When did things start to click for Dennis and Zero In?
  • What did he do when the pandemic hit?
  • Why did he decide to write his latest book, ‘The Accidental Solopreneur’?
  • What is the purpose behind what Dennis does?

Learning to Bet on Yourself as an Entrepreneur (The 6-step Playbook to Freedom)



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Dennis Geelen Bio

Dennis Geelen, is the Founder and Chief Difference Maker at his solo consulting company, Zero In, that he founded in 2018.  Through Zero In, Dennis helps companies ‘solve indifference’ by implementing strategies to build a brand customers love and culture where people are passionate to work.

Author of the best-selling book The Zero In Formula, Mr. Geelen has worked with companies in several industries, spoken at countless events, conferences, workshops, webinars, with dozens of guest appearances on international podcasts.

And now? Dennis also helps other solopreneurs get started. With his latest book, ‘The Accidental Solopreneur’, providing a playbook for success and told through a riveting and relatable parable that is getting rave reviews from entrepreneurs around the globe.

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