Since the pandemic the truth is the Great Resignation is here, especially for women. The past two years have brought unprecedented challenges for female professionals, including increased stress and pressure to juggle responsibilities at work and home, higher levels of burnout compared to men, lack of childcare, and more. As a result, the number of women actively wanting to quit their jobs has reached an all-time high.  Sara EcElroy, a two-time member of the Great Resignation, talks about this new business situation and why it affects women the most.

In this podcast Sara answers these questions:

  • Millions of women have quit their jobs since 2020. Why do you think it’s mostly women?\
  • You believe that the Great Resignation is representative of a much larger movement at hand in which women are shifting how they approach their careers. What do you mean by that?
  • Why do you think we stay too long in jobs we are miserable in? And why do you say this has similar dynamics to staying in a toxic relationship?
  • How do you know when you’ve reached the point that your job is taking more than it’s giving?
  • What can we expect when we decide to quit? What happens before, during, and after?
  • For women who want to walk away from their jobs but haven’t yet, what message do you have for them?

The Great Resignation



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Sara McElroy Bio

After years of unwavering career dedication, Sara found herself rundown to the point of multiple health scares before realizing it was time for a change. She founded Raze to Rise to offer a platform that uplifts the voices of women from the Great Resignation and uncovers the science, strategy, and soul behind their courageous leaps of faith to help others find the courage to make bold career moves of their own.

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