The 5 drivers to growth without exhaustion are explored in this podcast with Samantha Hartley.  We talk about your Genius zone, working with perfect clients, tranformational engagement, mindset for success and teamwork.   In this fabulous podcast you will discover:

1. Why is growth for women entrepreneurs so often linked to burnout and exhaustion?
2. Where should they start to change that – with growth or exhaustion?
3. What are the 5 drivers to growth without exhaustion?
4. What are some ways Samantha’s clients have applied these drivers?
5. How do women entrepreneurs know where to start with these drivers?
6. What are some trends Samantha sees that will affect our work over the next year?

5 Drivers to Growth Without Exhaustion


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Samantha Hartley Bio

Samantha Hartley works with consultants who are ready to break through the plateau and MULTIPLY their revenues. Samantha helps them multiply their revenues without exhaustion by working with perfect clients on transformational engagements so they can have profitable, joyful consultancies.

Here are some of the problems Samantha’s company solves:

  • Being so busy with client work means marketing falls to the wayside, one of the big reasons they end up on the Revenue Roller Coaster.
  • They would love to offer higher 6-figure engagements, but how do they find those clients?
  • They lack the sales skills to communicate the value they bring. Sometimes It’s just easier to throw out a day rate like everyone else.
  • They end up delivering one-off, transactional projects that aren’t always profitable.
  • Overwork leads to exhaustion – and that means mistakes and bad decisions.

Here are some of the success stories from Samantha’s consulting clients:

Dani came out of HR at a Fortune 100 company. When we met, she was struggling to land clients for her $22,000 leadership training. No one seemed to get the value of her work, mostly because she kept talking with clients who were too small to need it.

Olivia’s consultancy was drowning in client work (yay?), which was ruining their efforts to hit their $1M goal. Even though the same issues and solutions repeated, every engagement was custom and took way too much time. Worst of all, they felt compelled to over-deliver, which wore them out and didn’t always make clients happier.

Sharon, an Organizational Development consultant for 20 years, called me after a $250K engagement ended. Once she paid all her subcontractors, there wasn’t a penny left for her. She wanted to review her next proposal with me. What I saw was complicated pricing, a focus on deliverables (not value or benefits), undercharging the client and overpaying her subs. She may have had a million-dollar business, but it wasn’t profitable. And it sure as heck wasn’t joyful.

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