Surviving drama, trauma and chaos in family business is familiar to many who run family businesses.  Our expert, Anthea Mumby took over her family insurance business in her 30’s and increased the revenue to millions.   During that time, she experienced drama, trauma and chaos but learned how to ride the waves to business success and so can you!

In this podcast you will discover:

  • Anthea Mumby’s background growing up in a family business
  • Some of the biggest highlights in her business?   And what were some of the biggest challenges?
  • What are the 4 disruptions many family owned businesses face?
  • Why is a common Vision so important for a family business?
  • Many people who don’t work in a family business think that when you work with your family you will always have support – is that true?
  • What free resources does Anthea offer to help family business owners?

Surviving Drama, Trauma, and Chaos in Family Business; How to Ride the Waves to Business Success


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Download Anthea’s FREE guide,  “Surviving Disruption in Your Family Business”

Anthea Mumby Bio

Anthea Mumby  is a  consultant  whose purpose is to buoy up  Family Business owners who are suffering because they feel alone.  When they are feeling isolated, burdened, and lonely,  Anthea  connects,  supports, and empowers them  so that they can Ride the Waves to business success.

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