Could you quit your full-time job and start your own business?  In this podcast we talk to Stephanie Long about how she founded her SEO business.  In this podcast she frankly discusses these questions.

  • What specifically about her situation was frustrating?
  • Did StephanieI have a thoughtful, realistic plan for starting her own business?
  • Did she have the support of my family and friends?
  • How is she cutting expenses while building my business?
  • Does quitting fit into her greater plan?
  • Ultimately, what does she want for your job, career, and life?

It’s Scary to Quit Your Full-time Job and Start Your Own Business


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Stephanie Long Bio

With over a decade of experience in her industry, Stephanie Long founded Stephanie Marie Marketing, as she saw a huge need for SEO services, and they specialize solely in SEO. This laser focus enables them to provide the highest level of service and most impactful results specific to the needs of each individual client. They tailor their services according to each individual budget and need.

In her career, Stephanie has led successful campaigns in numerous industries including, but not limited to, health and wellness, SaaS, eCommerce, food and beverage, travel, and entertainment. Stephanie holds her Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Washington as well as a BA in Communication, also from the University of Washington. Passionate about her work, Stephanie credits her success to dedication, drive and perseverance. She looks forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

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