Our podcast guest, Hanieh Khoshkhou, is passionate about education and e-learning but also is a chamption of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It all starts with emotional intelligence and what has emotional intelligence got to do with our sense of inclusion and belonging. An important topic for us to understand.

In this podcast you will learn

  • How emotional intelligence fits in with our workplace and diversity, equity and inclusion training
  • Hanieh’s message for women entrepreneurs, espcially female techpreneurs who continue to face barriers
  • The importance of  e-onboarding and training now and in the future
  • The biggest challenges of owning 2 businesses
  • Finding balance as a poet, publisher and techpreneur
  • Partnership with BMO with free training


What has Emotional Intelligence Got to do with Our Sense of Inclusion and Belonging

Social Links

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/haniehkhoshkhou/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/haniehkhoshkhou/

Special Offers

Offer #1 – Free Training on Emotional Intelligence Sept. 23 5pm-6pm via Zoom

To book your spot CALL Bayla Lazarus at 416-929-4526 for the Zoom training

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace (1)


Offer #2 – Free Shipping on the print version of Hanieh’s book “Because I Can” using the discount code ELAINE2021 at https://www.peacockpress.ca/shop


Hanieh Khoshkhou Bio

Hanieh Khoshkhou has been blessed to have lived a life where as an immigrant woman of colour, she has fulfilled as many different goals that she has set her mind to throughout the years. Having arrived at this halfway point in her life, she has delved into the world of entrepreneurship because clearly, she no longer values her sleep nor the hair on her head. To make things even more interesting, she has purposely and intentionally jumped into the tech scene where she is voraciously trying to make an impact in the training and development sector. This all stems from having been an educator for a period of her journey during this lifetime. She has also published her first book of poetry called “Because I Can” and continues to write poetry because it’s the one place where she can go at night where all the worry and anxiety leaves her body and allows her to finally float away. She is a firm believer of supporting one another to grow with one another and her life goal GOAL: is to build schools and to continue to write on her ranch. None of which have YET come into manifestation. She hopes this gives you a little insight about who and what she is all about.

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