Did you know that there are 3 sneaky ways trauma can show up in your business?  Mindset coach, Erin Moore,  unfolds these raw truths in our podcast.   You will discover:

  •  What is “trauma”?
  •  What’s the number one way Erin notices trauma showing up in businesses?
  •  What kind of help is available for women in business if these things are impacting them?
  • What are some myths that are UNHELPFUL for women trying to move through these things impacting their businesses?
  •  How long does shifting perspectives and unlearning toxic messaging like this take?
  •  Which of these did Erin have to work through in her own business?

3 Sneaky Ways Trauma Can Show Up in Your Business


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Early bird pricing for my Empowered AF program – $299/month or $2999 for the full 12 months (usually $499/month or $5499/year) as well as a free 30 minute 1:1 session with me ($180 value) if they sign up off of the Fabulous Fempreneurship  podcast. . Sales page here: https://authentic-af-coaching.newzenler.com/courses/empowered-af

Erin Moore Bio

My name is Erin Moore and I am a business and mindset coach.

In case you’ve never heard of me **horrified gasp**, here’s why I’m uniquely & firmly positioned to tell you everything you had ever wanted to know about the mindset shit that’s keeping you spinning your wheels in business.

I have built 2 x 6 figure businesses while healing from a shit ton of compounded trauma, and have been helping female entrepreneurs do the same for years.

I have worked with so many female business owners who have gone from struggling with their self worth to confidently building business empires in as little as 6 – 12 months.

I started this business because I was sick & tired of women struggling with self worth, and toxic messaging and trauma responses (while blaming themselves!) and not finding a solutio. And also because I wanted people to know that there is one…their solution, their salvation and their chance to forever say adios to not believing in themselves forever and ever amen.

I also wanted to work for myself and make money because food and bills and life.

Learning how trauma was impacting my business and what to do about it was one of the most powerful things I was able to do, for my success.

And I can help you do the same, so you can stop letting fear and doubt make your decisions, and get out of your head and into your business. Get rid of those 3 sneaky ways trauma can show up in your business, right now!

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