Our podcast expert guest, Sigourney Belle knows first hand how to build a successful and sustainable business. Originally a physiotherapist in Australia, Sigourney had a breakdown and left the medical industry to live in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal to heal. Returning to the medical field, Sigourney changed her practice to a holistic model and has become well known for her revolutionary spiritual healing modality and is author of the book “Wild Business”.

In this podcast on how to build a successful and sustainable business,  you will learn:

  • What inspired Sigourney to become an entrepreneur
  • How being an entrepreneur has led her to finding her best self
  • The journey to writing her book “Wild Business”
  • How has being a woman in her field affected the work she does
  • Advice for others to help them overcome an internal block that’s getting in the way of them being successful.

How to Build a Successful and Sustainable Business


Sigourney Belle Social Links

Instagram: @sigourneybelle

Twitter: @SigourneyWeldon

Facebook: @sigourneybelleasatara

Website: Sigourneybelle.com

Sigourney Belle Bio

Sigourney Belle is an entrepreneur unlike anyone else. As a person, she’s embraced her authenticity in life and in business, and has used that to become successful. She’s created and developed multiple successful global businesses and has worked with and trained thousands of clients worldwide. As a business oracle and seer, she’s become well known for her revolutionary spiritual healing modality, the Feminine Frequency Formula.

As the author of Wild Business and creator of the Wild Business movement, her mission is to make sure more people succeed in business. She has seen firsthand what it takes to thrive in a masculine environment while she was carving her own path. An unintentional entrepreneur; She’s had no formal business training. Everything she’s taught about business is self-learned.  She struggled with the formal schooling system but was drawn to the medical field where she became a senior neurological physiotherapist.

At age 23, she had a huge turning point after suffering a complete psychological emotional breakdown, and was diagnosed with multiple health issues.  Nothing got to the core of what was happening to her. All she knew was she was extremely stressed. Ironically, she was diagnosing clients with neurological disorders and began manifesting some of the symptoms she saw in her clients. No one could offer her any solutions.

This led to her having a complete breakdown, which is when she had a huge awakening and her vision opened. She then chose to let go of the life she was told she should live. She went to Nepal to study and live in a Buddhist monastery and started studying Tibetan Buddhism and Lamrim, which is the path of enlightenment. She also lived in India for a year and studied through various ashrams. From that point onwards, she had clear sight about her purpose.

When she returned from India, she went back into the medical model, but this time working holistically.  This was when Sigourney started integrating energetic work and the modalities she was teaching into her work as a physiotherapist. It was then she was actually able to hear and know what was happening in someone’s body before she walked into a hospital room to meet with a client. Since then, she has brought what she learned on her own path to help others.

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