Many entrepreneurs struggle with sales conversations.  Our podcast with Dr. Nancy Zare, from Boston, Mass, USA,  explores compelling selling. There is a psychology to selling and who better to guide us on this journey than Nancy, who is a sales psychologist and strategist.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The four different buyer types
  • The sales styles
  • Diagnose your prospects’ buyer styles
  • Adjust your sales style to fit the buyer’s style
  • Understand the AlikeAbility™  system

Compelling Selling


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compelling selling

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Dr. Nancy Zare Bio

Dr. Nancy Zare graduated magna cum laude in psychology from Boston University. She later earned a master degree and Ph.D. from Boston College in social work.

Her career includes work in an in-patient psychiatric hospital, group work with children and families, college teaching, and marketing, sales, and implementation of Employee Assistance Programs. In 2011 she founded Rapport Builderz, an educational and consulting agency to help entrepreneurs develop comfort and confidence in sales conversations.

Nancy is the author of 4 books and many articles. She is the originator of the AlikeAbility(™) System, a 5-step process for building rapport quickly and authentically with all 4 Buying Styles. Based on the Platinum Rule, treat others the way they want to be treated, she cares passionately about effective communication that honors and respects each individual’s diversity.

In her leisure time, Nancy is a student of spirituality. She lives outside of Boston and enjoys gardening, swimming, and crafts.

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