How a company’s culture is a top-down necessity is explained by Sophie Theen, an award-winning human resources and diversity and inclusion professional. Sophie talks in this podcast about how to create an environment that allows team members to thrive personally and professionally.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • How the personalities of startup founders shape the structures, processes, and realities of working in a fast-growing company
  • How do founders know when there’s work to be done to create a better culture?
  • How often do they discover that when it might be considered “too late”?
  • Is it usually truly “too late”?
  • How can managers and executives can work with founders to improve culture?
  • Top 5 List of changes that founders can make today to immediately begin to create a more nurturing culture

How a Company’s Culture is a Top-down Necessity


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Sophie Theen Bio

Sophie is well-versed on how a company’s culture is a top-down necessity, as she has deeply researched and profiled founders who lacked the emotional mite and intelligence to create and maintain an organization on which an entire team could rely for their wellbeing. She’s also studied those who excelled at creating environments that allowed their team members to thrive, personally and professionally.

As a female founder or entrepreneur, you probably know and understand that the process of founding a business or start-up takes a lot of energy and time. It also requires solid skills, such as people management, a reliable network, resilience, and healthy time management to make it successfully through this process.

As a founders’ coach, I empower women who feel overwhelmed, disconnected, or running on empty in order to recover or find their inner creative leader and full potential. I can help you liberate your joy to be the powerful change you want and desire.

As a woman, I have always had to learn to overcome challenges that come my way. When I arrived as an early migrant to Australia, I had to embrace my differences and turn them into positives. I thought differently, so I brought innovative ideas and was determined to succeed via a non-traditional route. Studying engineering, and working in a male-dominant industry, built my resilience and taught me how to navigate these adversities and challenges.

I landed an executive’s position at the age of 29 with the help of a mentor, which was a great personal achievement. I led recruitment projects with Ford, General Motors, and IBM before shifting focus to setting up an HR practice in start-ups. I don’t believe I could have achieved what I have without the support and guidance from other women in the industry. And now I’m glad to give back to younger women who didn’t get the chances I did.

I am a highly motivated, experienced, and pragmatic coach with an excellent track record of developing female leaders through mentoring, coaching, and training to achieve excellent results. I partner with leaders, especially women, in order to unlock the creative and visionary leadership and potential within themselves, their organizations, and their teams.

Before establishing myself as a coach, I founded Chief of Stories, an organization that helps start-ups and small businesses.

If you are passionate about creating more impact and happiness in your professional life, I also share loads of resources and content on various social media platforms, so please connect with me on your favorite platform.

As culture often trumps strategy, my approach is focused on shifting the cultural ethos — from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’ — to develop purposeful and empowering start-ups. Professionally, working with early-stage start-ups has been a fulfilling journey. It’s hard to express how much joy I feel every time a start-up reaches a stage where it’s valued at over a billion worth. I have been called “The Foundation Fixer.”

As a mentor partnered with Women in Tech programs and STEM Universities, I’m here to coach women alike, longing for the chance to get into tech and make a difference.

Sophie Theen is an award-winning Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion professional. From being featured on the “Women in FinTech Power List” since 2017 and the first HR professional to win the “Standout” spot, she is also widely recognized for her innovative influence on how Human Resources works in technology companies and startups. She now works with companies around the world as an advisor. Visit her website at

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