AI and workflow automation is the future for business growth, but what does that mean for your business?  From social media management, financials and workflow automation, all facets of your business can be streamlined for faster growth without incurring significant expenses.  Our expert, Kamran Rahman breaks it down for our listeners in easy to understand concepts.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Some of the biggest challenges businesses face today when it comes to workflow automation? How can implementing AI solutions help alleviate those challenges?
  2. Examples of howKamran has helped clients use technology to improve their operations? What were the goals, and what were the results?
  3. What industries or types of companies seem to be early adopters of these technologies? And what characteristics does Kamran look for in a client to determine if workflow automation could provide significant benefits for their business?
  4. What is involved in doing an initial assessment of a company’s workflows and opportunities for improvement?
  5. Once opportunities are identified, what are some of the most common types of AI and automation solutions recommended? Are there any specific tools or platforms typically implemented?
  6. what should business owners know about the time and investment required to see a return on investment from these types of projects? What kinds of savings or performance improvements can they typically expect?

AI and Workflow Automation, How it’s Helping Businesses Save Money and Scale – Audio

AI and Workflow Automation, How it’s Helping Businesses Save Money and Scale – Video

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Kamran Rahman Bio

Kamran Rahman is the Founder of, leveraging years of workflow automation expertise gained as a software sales professional and his co-founders expertise as a consultant at one of the largest tech consulting firms PwC.

Specializing in AI strategy and implementation, Kamran helps organizations address their most pressing challenges through rigorous assessments, innovative solution design, and ensuring ROI.
As an early pioneer in the field, Kamran’s unique experience evaluating operations across diverse industries positions him as a leader in strategically applying emerging technologies like RPA, AI and advanced analytics.

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