Maybe you are always looking for the wrong type of partner or just don’t have time to search for Love, well you can change that narrative!  You can have true love. Tracey-Anne Greenhow is a certified Life Coach, trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and has been helping people find the life of their dreams for over 15 years and she can help you too. She used this exact process to find her husband, Daniel, in the UK in just six short weeks.

In this podcast, Tracey-Anne talks about

    • Why you shouldn’t look for a Soul Mate or Twin Flame
    • What exactly is True Love
    • Why she tells people to wait to date
    • What she says to people who feel they don’t have time for a an intimate relationship
    • What she says about people who have given up on love and relationships
    • Why a coach can help you find True Love

You Can Have True Love


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Tracey-Anne Greenhow Bio

Tracey-Anne is a fully qualified Life Coach trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and has been coaching people to manifest the life of their dreams for over 15 years.

Having thought she would always be the single one and become a ‘cat lady’ (she doesn’t even like cats), she wanted to change her destiny!

Using her now 5 step formula she managed to manifest her now husband Daniel in just 8 weeks!

She now has a husband (Daniel), 2 sons and multiple successful businesses!

She has now made it her life purpose to teach others how they can also totally transform their own lives.

Some have even beat her 8 week record!  Yes, you can have true love.

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