Turning Personal Vision into Reality

Thought leader, Andrea Albright from Beverly Hills, California, talks about what it takes being a visionary boss, turning personal vision into reality,  In this podcast, Andrea talks about

  • What being a “visionary” really means in the lens of being a visionary boss
  • How has being an entrepreneur led to finding her best self, even after hardship and heartache?
  • How has Andrea’s journey of being an entrepreneur come to be and how its changed overtime
  • How have I helped grow my company, even during this pandemic?
  • What was my journey leading up to writing “Visionary Boss” (Which is actually Andrea’s 26th published book!)

You will learn how to scale, find investors, build a team and competing on value.  Andrea uncovers the secret weapon that women have in spades.

Social Links for Andrea Albright

Website: https://www.andreaalbright.com

To buy the book: www.AndreaAlbright.com/book

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreaalbrightofficial/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreaalbright777

Bio of Andrea Albright

Andréa Albright is on a mission to create the next movement for authors and evolve the publishing industry. She is not just a publisher, she is a Legacy Maker. Andréa’s first movement took the health and fitness industry by storm. She amassed over 10,000,000+ views on YouTube, was featured on the Women’s Health and Fitness magazine cover, and grew her health business to over 100,000 raving fans. Since then, she has become the author of 26 books, reaching tens of millions worldwide in over 40 countries. Now, she has taken her passion for helping authors find the same success by publishing books with meaning.

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