Raising your inner game by understanding self leadership is the topic Trevor Stockwell and I talk about on this podcast.   It all starts with self-awareness, clarity and flexibility.  How are you wired?  Once you understand yourself then you become more aware how you communicate and interact with others.   Such a valuable skill!   Trevor wrote a signficant chapter on self leadership in the new Amazon Best Seller “8 Qualities For Great Leadership”.

In this podcast you will discover

  • Why your inner world creates your outer world
  • Would I follow me? How well have you developed self-awareness?
  • How well you lead yourself and how well you lead others
  • How to develop your self leadership skills

Self Leadership: Raising Your Inner Game Maximizes Your External Results


Self Leadership: Raising Your Inner Game Maximizes Your External Results

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Trevor Stockwell Bio

Trevor is a leadership coach and a trainer with 20+ years’ leadership experience spanning both the corporate and the nonprofit sectors. He empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to raise their inner game by leading themselves well and maximizing their external results when leading others, drawing from a background in systems management and leading and developing service delivery teams.

Mentored for several decades by John Maxwell, the world’s number one leadership expert, and now a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member and DISC Trainer, Trevor’s passion for values-based leadership and empowering others continues to grow. He is convinced that every individual has SO MUCH MORE potential than they realize or currently utilize, and often external assistance is the catalyst for people to see and develop this.

He is also a host on the Yeukai Business Show podcast.

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8 Qualities For Great Leadership8 Qualities For Great Leadership is a new collaborative leadership book with 8 co-authors from 5 countries.  This book has a series of chapters that will raise your leadership to a new level. 

Chapter topics are:

Self-Leadership: Raising Your Inner Game Maximizes Your External Results – Trevor Stockwell

Emotional Intelligence Drives Leadership Success –  Kylie Van Luyn

Intentional Leadership – Kerry Wekelo

Leadership Resilience:  Individual and Collective – Anastasia Neddersen

Leading Well Virtually and With Remote Teams – Yeukai Kajidori

Improving Communication and Engagement – Elaine Slatter

Building Trust:  The Secret Sauce to Building A Valuable and Successful Business – Rick Mayo

Designing Your B2B Growth Strategy – Dancho Dimkov

Bonus Chapter:  Mastermind Groups

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