How to write a book as a new author might seem very scary and a very big task.  Larissa Soehn, who is a top selling author of science fiction and “how to” books, explains how to write a book and what it can do for your business.   Don’t delay, listen to this great podcast and get your book written before the end of the year!

In this podcast you will discover:

  1. How many books Larissa has written and what drives her to write them?
  2. What is a book coach and ghostwriter
  3. How can a book help boost a business
  4. Why should everyone write a book
  5. What does it take to write a book
  6. Tips and secrets for our listeners

How to Write a Book and What it Can Do for Your Business


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Larissa Soehn Bio

Larissa is a well-established author with works ranging from science fiction to self help. She is the founder of Next Page Wellness Coaching, where she helps people write, edit, market and publish their own books. Larissa is also a mom to one little girl and three fur babies.

Currently residing in Canada, Larissa balances the everyday challenges and joys of motherhood and business. For years writing has been her favourite hobby and she was fortunate enough to turn that passion and talent into a career. Now focusing on helping others write stories, Larissa has jumped in with both feet and dedicated herself to serving clients that are serious about writing thier dream book. She offers 1 on 1 coaching to support authors in the writing, editing, marketing and publishing phases of thier books. She also offers ghost writing for those that have a story to tell, but are nervous about actually writing it all down.

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