Have you always wondered how to sell on Amazon?  It isn’t as hard as you think, and In this podcast, Janis Carmena explains everything so you could start selling on Amazon.  You’ll learn how she got started and has a 6 figure income from Amazon sales..  Janis also explains how to cross sell the same products on a website and to other online sellers and to brick and mortar locations.  Here are the questions on how to sell on Amazon Janis will cover in our podcast.  Yes, Janis is the ecommerce Queen Bee.

  • Can anyone sell on Amazon?
  • What things can you sell on Amazon?
  • What brands to you sell on Amazon?
  • How do you set up an Amazon store?
  • Will running my Amazon store take a lot of time?
  • How can I learn about selling on Amazon?

How to Sell on Amazon Podcast with Janis Carmena


Janis Carmena Social Links

Website:  www.ecommercequeenbee.com

Facebook: :www.facebook.com/ecommqueenbee

You Tube: www.youtube.com/ecommercequeenbee

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ecommercequeenbee

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Janis Carmena Bio

Janis has been a full time police officer for 15 years until she was injured and could not work on the road anymore. Not being able to work as a patrol officer anymore was a life changing moment and Janis decided that she needed to reinvent herself and start another career…one that she was in control of.

With this challenge in mind, Janis discovered Ecommerce. Janis began her Ecommerce journey with retail Arbitrage then she has launched two private label brands on Amazon, Shopify and by using Clickfunnels. The difference between Janis and all the other Amazon sellers is that she is proud to tell people about her brands and the products she sells. Her first brand is #nostrawchallenge and her second is No Trace Bags.

As a trained teacher before becoming a police officer, Janis has now gone full circle and returned to her roots. She wants to help other women become Ecommerce Queen Bees and take control of their own income. She is a true believer that your journey is yours alone and she is here to help everyone who chooses to take on the Ecommerce Journey.

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