Aria Leighty, from Hawaii, is the founder of MOB Nation, a networking community of almost 11,000, supporting mom-owned and women-owned businesses.  From just small beginnings in coffee shops in Portland, Oregan, Aria and her team started this network in 2012.  Since 2016 they have grown the programming to over 30 chapters in the U.S., supporting mom-owned and women owned businesses.

Podcast Topic

Supporting Mom-Owned and Women-Owned Businesses to change the world

We talk about:

  • Women supporting women
  • Abundance – getting paid what you are worth
  • Ditch perfectionism
  • Showing up as the best version of yourself
  • Why self care is so important

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Aria Leighty Bio

Aria Leighty is the Founder and CEO of The MOB Nation, a National Alliance of Mom-Owned Businesses.  She is also a business mentor blending consulting, coaching, cheerleading, and next level creative support. Aria Leighty has over a decade of business experience building online empires and national networks. Connect with aria at: or via email at:

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