As an entrepreneur, you may not know why it’s important to understand the impact of mindset, but it has a profound effect on how we approach business challenges and overcome our fears.  In this podcast with mindset expert Christen (CJ) James we learn the journey to understanding our own mindset and the impact of mindset on our business.

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Christen (CJ) James Bio

CJ, Your Chosen Coach is a Mindset & Transition Coach for Entrepreneurs.
She has a BA in Psychology and Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy
and ultimately became a Manager after entering the workforce. In that role,
one facet that gave her great fulfillment was coaching her team on their
personal growth and professional development to move up within the
organization. After over a decade of guiding each person to confidently
apply their newly discovered or developed skills to take on more
challenging and fulfilling roles in their careers – while living balanced
personal lives – something clicked for her and she returned to school to
start her own transition into becoming a Certified Life Coach. Deciding on a
niche was easy because knew that she wanted to continue helping others
in Transition realize their full potential.

It was during her own transition that CJ started asking herself questions
that she felt were important to address as the entered the world of
Entrepreneurship and this led to her paying more attention to and studying
the importance of truly understanding Mindset. Now she highlights
the benefit of finding a balance between personal development and professional
growth by understanding how much our experiences, thoughts, mental
blocks and limiting beliefs can impact our actions and ultimately how we
show up in our Businesses. She helps Entrepreneurs – aspiring, new and
even seasoned – get clarity in their mindset and devise strategic solutions
to get real results in their business.


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