In this podcast, we explore the world of communication with Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi of Montreux, Switzerland. In our discussion, we cover the role of communication for individual entrepreneurs and organizations. How do we communicate, effectively and efficiently? We also talk about non-verbal communication, how non-verbal cues can lead to misunderstanding before we have even spoken one word!

Dr. Baksi Kurdi’s 7C’s Of Communication

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Complete
  • Correct
  • Concrete
  • Considerate
  • Courteous

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi Bio

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an educationist, public speaker, and socio-cultural leader. She is a Professor at American Graduate School of Business, and the Hotel Institute of Montreux, Switzerland.  Ruby teaches courses related to Human Resource Management, Marketing, Business Etiquettes, and Communication.  She has received various awards and certificates in teaching, dancing and as a social leader. She is the General Secretary of Indian Association of Lausanne, Switzerland. She is an active member of Conseil General of Rennaz. She is Vice President Education for Swiss Riviera Toastmasters Club, where her role is mentoring, coaching and training people for public speaking.

As an Academician, Ruby has served as the Academic Dean of renowned women’s College in Switzerland. Her teaching focuses on strategy implementation, leadership development, team spirit and quality management. She has attended various academic tours with an international group of students to Turkey, China, France, Prague and within Switzerland.

Ruby was recently appointed as Chairperson Montreux for All Ladies League (ALL), a global organization –  where her role is to bring Naari-Shakti together. She is instrumental in helping international women in distress along with her team. To inculcate values of rich Indian culture she is actively involved with Culture development classes – teaching shlokas, mantras, and bhajans to kids and adults. She conducts Hindi language classes with her team of enthusiastic women free of charge as Sunday class at her own home. Once a month she visits the old age home to pass some quality time with young at heart people…she sings with them, plays with them, dances with them and even listens to their stories. She likes to organize different events with her team like Bollywood night, Diwali Dhamaal, Festival of colours, talent contests, sports day, yoga for fitness – where her objective is always to connect people and bring happiness!!

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