Living in French Guiana is challenging as conditions in this South American country are tough, including scorching heat and sharks.  Many of the inhabitants have fled, but Juliette Gedeomme has chosen to stay.  In our podcast, Juliette talks about the importance of perseverance in your business,  which has a whole new meaning in French Guiana for young people than it does for the rest of us.  Listen to her thoughts on overcoming the hurdles to achieve success by overcoming negativity and working hard to focus.  Perseverance in your business will lead to success if you focus.

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Juliette Gedeomme Bio

Juliette Gedeomme is passionate about entrepreneurship. Today, she loves the Caribbean and working on its projects for young people, which you will learn more about soon.  Passionate about tourism, marketing, and communication, she describes herself as a perseverant woman who definitely wants to realize her dream. By the way, she thinks that deciding to be an entrepreneur is not a joke because it supposed to be hard work. She chooses to stay in French Guiana when a lot of people are attracted by the way of life abroad. She says, “I choose to stay in my country because I believe in our economy and our potential.” Her message to the young woman of this generation is, “Don’t worry, be proud of your history, because it can clarify your project, you can be an entrepreneur by creating a company, but you also choose to not suffer but to lead.”


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