The Business Jet Engine is a method of business growth for small to large companies.  Most entrepreneurs are fantastic at what they do but not good at business!  .  Our expert, Martin Riley, talks about the journey of most small businesses as they grow and how the business jet engine takes away the fear and anxiety of the growth curve. He explains how you can take the complex and break it down into simple, easy to use steps with great results.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • What makes business growth so hard for so many small business owners.
  • How did Martin come up with the Business Jet Engine
  • Why it’s important to get your biz model right
  • How to choose your strategic priorites every year and complete them
  • Why you need to upgrade your client base
  • The importance of upgrading your team

The Business Jet Engine



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  1. Business Jet Engine Free Diagnostic Toolkit  + The Expert’s Guide to CDR Hiring

  1. Enter Competition – Win 2 hrs Free Coaching

If  listeners email  their scores from the free toolkit download – and mention the Fabulous Fempreneurship Show – Martin will  enter them in a draw to win 2 hrs free coaching

Martin Riley Bio

Author of The Business Jet Engine – the simplest guide to boost your business – Martin is a business and leadership coach with over 20 years experience in the coaching industry.

He helps business owners, leaders and their teams focus on the tasks that really matter, so they make stress free, profitable progress, year-on-year, to build the business of their dreams.Improving their ability to think and plan like an expert – then turn those plans into effective action – through better planning and leadership skills.

He’s worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to multi-million pound enterprises – from local one-person micros – to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Martin’s first career was in product design. This gives him a unique ability to make the complex simple. He’s used this ability to decode some of life’s most complex challenges, such as business, leadership, relationships and life – and turned them into simple and easy to use models and tools.

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