Social Entrepreneur and Inspirational Training Coach, Andrea Campbell of London, UK talks in this podcast about how to spot the opportunity in your adversity.  Andrea is an inspiration to women facing life challenges and we can all learn from Andrea’s fighting spirit and inventive mind.

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  • A 30-minute 1-to-1 free consultation with those who would like to develop competence in impacting their children’s education in a positive manner. If your child (age 3-11) is struggling to access the school curriculum or has been diagnosed with special educational needs (age 3-17) this program can help. This is part of our 6-week Special Education Fast-Forward Blueprint.

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Andrea Campbell Bio


Andrea Campbell has a passion for empowering vulnerable people.  For the last 18 years she has sought to raise aspirations of the people she serves through education and mentoring.  She is an inspiration to women facing life challenges and is an avid promoter of personal and professional development opportunities.   Andrea is uniquely positioned to spot the opportunity in your adversity.  She is of Caribbean heritage and currently resides in London with her family.


In 2006 Andrea co-founded ACT Training Services, a London-based social enterprise to enable people to acquire skills in order to secure sustainable employment or become self-employed. Over the years the company has trained over 6,000 people free at the point of delivery, enabling them to develop their personal and professional repertoire.

In 2013 Andrea co-founded Camptys Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation that supports front-line organisations working with disabled people living in deprived communities, enhancing their learning, opportunities for play and health. With the help of people in her networks she coordinates donations of educational materials, toys, clothing and accessories to disabled children and their families in various developing countries.


Andrea enjoys writing and has published three non-fiction books.  Her first book in 2010 – Practical Business ABC – A Guide for Budding Entrepreneurs explores her business journey as well as that of various business and motivational personalities, and presents them in an inspiring A-Z text for budding entrepreneurs.  This was followed by her second book:  Jamaican Proverbs, People and Places – a chronicle of Jamaican proverbs, sayings, folk songs, places of interest, outstanding nationals, historical information on Jamaica, symbols, food, flora and fauna, among others.  She recently published Empowered – a set of personal inspirational quotes “for life, love and laughter”.


Andrea developed the Pocket Learner, an educational development system geared primarily towards the support of children deemed slow learners and those with special educational needs. The system, which helps children to develop their vocabulary, learn to read and count, is now a registered invention and has gained various innovation and business awards since its introduction in 2014.


Andrea runs inspirational workshops and offers coaching to individuals seeking to make sense of life. Her unique methodology of using quotes to promote self-exploration and introspection is novel but provides a welcome structure in which individuals can engage.

Her Pocket Learner invention has led her to accept speaking engagements where she empowers other families dealing with learning difficulties and other issues.


Andrea has a flair for languages and speaks Spanish, French and Portuguese along with her native English. She is a qualified Spanish/English translator and interpreter.


Andrea holds an MA Degree in Linguistics (Hons) and an MBA degree. She is a qualified Performance Coach and Further Education Trainer. She is actively involved in the running of her organisations and paints pictures for fun, specialising in landscapes using oil on canvas.  She is a licenced interpreter and translator and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in London.


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