Running small and medium size businesses in emerging markets is very challenging.  In this podcast, Kitawa talks about how MAMA Ventures has helped over 96 companies launch their ventures in Kenya and other parts of Africa and the sub-Sahara area.  Kitawa also discusses blockchain technology and crypto currency.

Kitawa Wemo Bio

KITAWA WEMO is the founder of MAMA Ventures, a woman-led growth accelerator that works with businesses from both ends of the scale to actualize business ideas to profit-generating ventures. Recently recognized at the Global Women Economic Forum for her active efforts towards equipping youth and women with skills for economic empowerment, she believes in an Africa where entrepreneurs build legacies and businesses survive the harsh global climate. She is also actively working in business intelligence and big data analytics for Africa, a venture towards financial inclusion for the continent. She has fostered worthy partnerships towards the growth of Africa’s future and is passionate about co-creation and collaboration for success.

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Twitter:   @kikiwemo

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Kitawa will help you connect with business partners in Kenya, Africa and the Sub-Sahara area.  To contact Kitawa to activate your brand on this side of the world, contact Kitawa via email.



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