Michael Solomon “wrote the book” on understanding consumers.  In this podcast we are going to chat with Prof. Solomon, to understand what has changed and how to connect and engage with customers.  That’s how entrepreneurs can profit from disruption.

In this podcast you will discover:

  • Michael talks about “we don’t buy things because of what they do.  We buy them because of what they mean.”
  • Llabeling customers is no longer valid.  For example online and offline customers.
  • Similarly,Michael describes the blurring of the lines between producers and consumers.  Why does that matter?
  • Michael also talks about the merging of Flesh vs. Machines.  What is that about?
  • The familiar Male/Female dichotomy.  What does that mean, and why should business owners care?
  • What is the single biggest obstacle marketers face today in terms of connecting with customers?

Profit from Disruption: Tear Down Marketing’s Old Walls to See the Future of Your Business


Michael Solomon Social Links

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelsolomon/

Website:  www.michaelsolomon.com

Michael Solomon Bio

Michael “wrote the book” on understanding consumers.  Literally. Hundreds of thousands of business students have learned about Marketing from his books including Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being — the most widely used book on the subject in the world.  Much in demand as a keynote speaker, Michael often is asked to provide briefings to global executive teams who want significant increases in their bottom line and who understand that’s accomplished by a deeper connection with their customers.

Michael’s mantra:  We don’t buy products because of what they do.  We buy them because of what they mean. He advises global clients in leading industries such as apparel and footwear (Calvin Klein, Levi Strauss, Under Armour, Timberland), financial services and e-commerce (eBay, Progressive), CPG (Procter & Gamble, Campbell’s), retailing (H&M), sports (Philadelphia Eagles), manufacturing (DuPont, PP&G) and transportation (BMW, United Airlines) on marketing strategies to make them more consumer-centric.

He regularly appears on television shows including The Today ShowGood Morning America and CNN to comment on consumer issues, and he is frequently quoted in major media outlets such as The New York Times, USA Today, Adweek and Time.  Michael is a Contributor at Forbes.com, where he writes about issues related to consumer behavior, marketing and retailing.  Michael’s latest book is The New Chameleons:  How to Connect with Consumers Who Defy Categorization (Kogan Page, 2021).  This title recently won the NYC Big Book Award in the Marketing & Sales/PR category.

As a Professor of Marketing (in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia) and an industry consultant, Michael combines cutting-edge academic theory with actionable real-world strategies.  His articles, published in journal including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Retailing and Journal of Business Research, have been cited over 30,000 times. He helps managers get inside the heads of their customers so they can anticipate and satisfy their deepest and most pressing needs – today and tomorrow.  An executive at Subaru said it best: “The man is a scholar who is current and street-wise.”

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