Do you include travel as part of your work life balance strategy?  As women entrepreneurs trying to juggle it all, it may seem impossible to add travel as part of your work life balance strategy.  It takes some careful planning to make sure everything on the business front is taken care of when you are away.  Kim Gervais, is a travel expert and as an entrepreneur herself, she understands how to plan an amazing holiday for her clients.

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Kim Gervais Bio

Following a 20-year career as a professional event planner, Kim made the change to the travel industry to align her professional life with her personal passion. Having visited 56 countries to date with a never-ending list of future destinations, she loves to share her knowledge and personal experience to help clients have the most amazing holidays. She takes the time to understand their wish list and budget and work with people to create a customized package that is unique to them.

Kim wants to be known for treating each vacation plan like a personal research project – so you can rest assured that she wouldn’t recommend anything that she wouldn’t do herself.

Having served on numerous association boards and committees she understands and appreciates working in a collaborative environment and being involved in the community.

When she isn’t travelling, Kim enjoys photography, reading, quilting and gardening.


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