Our podcast guest, Kristina Shea has some wonderful insights to share on female leadership in the entrepreneurial space. Kristina has a wealth of experience as a female leader both working as an employee for Fortune 500 companies and also running her own entrepreneurial enterprises.

Female Leadership in the Entrepreneurial Space

Female Leadership in the Entrepreneurial Space 1

In this podcast Kristina shares:

  • Great leaders “listen”
  • Share your power!
  • Support the front, back and sides of your organization
  • Hire amazing people to support your weaknesses
  • Be a mentor to your organization
  • Help employees on their growth path



Female Leadership in the Entrepreneurial Space

Podcast Episode #30 Season 3

Kristina Shea Social Links

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueSkysLife

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/blueskyslife/

Website:  www.BlueSkysLife.com

Kristina Shea Bio

Kristina Shea has a diverse background — from teaching fitness and dance to working in corporate roles. She has lead women’s empowerment workshops, organized fundraising events for women’s shelters, to her professional career which spanned graphic design to leading marketing & communication departments. Kristina Shea is the owner of K Vision Marketing & Communications. Kristina has an eclectic career — working and consulting for Fortune 500 Companies, including top banks and insurance corporations, regulatory bodies such as Ontario Securities Commission, IIROC, cannabis and public companies, not-for-profit organizations such as The Lung Association, and recently the SVP of a public life science company. Kristina also holds a PMP designation from the PMI Institute as a Project Manager Professional.

K Vision builds marketing strategies and helps brands to stand out to be seen and heard — with a focus on women’s brands and cannabis marketing. Kristina is an expert at building an integrated marketing approach to deliver stories that will resonate with audiences to deliver business results for the client. Kristina is now launching a new passion project. After a life-long career in corporate America, she experienced personal health challenges. Kristina was diagnosed with a brain cyst; experiencing vision loss and debilitating migraines. Through a friend, Kristina discovered cannabis as a way to reduce her use of painkillers.

She also began to incorporate holistic wellness into her daily life which provided her hope for quality of life. With this personal experience, Kristina is starting up a wellness company “BlueSkys Life™”, which is focused on women’s holistic natural health & wellness. Sustainability and inclusivity are key to the BlueSkys Life™ brand mantra. Kristina is a passionate advocate, speaker and educator for medical cannabis to support women’s health and has spoken at many venues across Canada as well as in the Caribbean educating both doctors and the general public. In addition, to her business endeavours, Kristina is passionate about driving positive change for women socially and professionally.

In conjunction with “BlueSkys Life™”, Kristina is launching a content platform “Making HerStory™”. Kristina feels everyone has a story of resilience and is creating a supportive space for those to share. Kristina has her own story — she has been widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss, and raised her young daughter as a single mother. Kristina will be interviewing women from all walks of life to share their personal stories to elevate, inspire and connect other women to collaborate professionally and personally to be their best. Kristina’s mission is cultivate a “BlueSkys Life” for women and empower women to “Make HerStory™”.

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