Marietta Snetsinger - 3

Many of us struggle with our diet.  We know we should be eating healthy foods to maintain our ideal weight and health but entrepreneurs are probably the worst at eating regularly and wisely.  How can we have a healthy relationship with food when we have irregular hours and many demands as entrepreneurs?

Today our podcast guest is Marietta Snetsinger who runs two businesses.  Her new business, Right Size Body, was a result of her own struggle with having a healthy relationship with food.

Marietta Snetsinger bio:

Marietta believes that physical transformation through weight release is possible for anyone…at ANY age! She is passionate about teaching others how to redefine their connection with their body and how to finally find peace with food relationship.

Through her own lengthy and very personal struggle with weight, Marietta founded Right Size and through her own 75 lb weight release journey has created the revolutionary and life-changing “Right Size Body Method” to release weight, and keep it off- for good!

Today, her strategic 1:1 coaching, online group programs, and speaking engagements, Marietta helps people around the world, transform their bodies and their lives, so they can confidently show up in their Right Size Life, Right Size Body and Business.




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