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If you don’t have content, Google can’t find you!  But your content must have value for your audience, and there is lots of competition out there.  The 80/20 rule applies to your content.  We need to spend 80% of our time in distribution and 20% on content.  Understanding the whole content distribution strategy is the subject of this podcast with our expert, Laura Machardy, Founder of the e-magazine aggregator, Klusster.  In this podcast you will learn how a community of like-minded businesses can help distribute the content of the whole community, defining the real meaning of a community and amplifying content distribution!  If you want to distribute your content, join the Fabulous Fempreneurship Klusster to-day.

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Laura Machardy Bio

Laura started her career as a coastal engineer – studying and modeling the physical process of shoreline erosion resulting from major storms. After a bit of soul-searching, Laura changed her career path from Engineering and joined the global leader in the contract furniture industry – Steelcase. Through supporting Designers and Architects in the complex process of major projects for Fortune 500 clients, Laura was focused on sharing leading insights on the role place plays on human behaviour, and how place can impact the productivity of an organization. With yet another pivot in her focus, Laura and her partner Steve embarked on bringing the vision of Klusster to life. Always focused on small businesses as their primary users, Klusster is now a place where groups can work together to drive more visibility to their content and deliver more value to their collective audiences.

Laura is a collaborator, community builder, business professional, and entrepreneur who is inspired by big ideas, leading strategies and the power of together!


The Fabulous Fempreneurship podcasts are brought to you by the founder of the Fabulous Fempreneurship community, Elaine Slatter.  Elaine is the owner of  XL Consulting Group, a small business advisory company, specializing in all aspects of marketing, including strategy, website design, and social media.

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