Building Confidence, Connection and Community

How does an introvert get from behind to in front of the camera? And how can you get from behind to in front of the camera!  Yes, even introverts can build up their confidence to put themselves out in the universe to make great connections and build community. Danielle DeShaw is a an award-winning entrepreneur, TV host and coach for mid-career women.

In the podcast with Danielle you will learn

  • How she went from a career working in a microbiology lab to hosting a TV show
  • How she developed her confidence and how you can too
  • How she pitched her TV show to Rogers TV
  • What she did to prepare to go on TV for the first time
  • How to deal with the unknown when hosting and being live on video/TV

From Behind to In Front of the Camera



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Listeners can go to the following url  to book a complimentary 1:1 coaching conversation with me, or see the available courses coming soon.  Danielle’s social links are also included on this page.

Danielle DeShaw Bio

Fortune 500 leadership. Award-winning entrepreneur. TV Host, and Coach for mid-career women wanting to do their careers or businesses differently, in a familiar way. And that’s just in the last 5 years.

Danielle deShaw is proof that when it comes to your career or business, where you start is not where you’ll finish. She attributes her ability to own her career journey from corporate life to entrepreneur to putting herself in front of the camera, to the confidence gained after exploring her potential and discovering her voice.

Today, as Host of The C-Suite on Rogers tv, she passionate about connecting workplace challenges to the solutions provided by women entrepreneurs. She’s overcome her own shyness and insecurities to provide a platform for women to use their voices, to connect with their audience and community in a new way, and confidently take that next step in their business.

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