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She Sheds Make Perfect Sense For Women

Move over men, no more man caves, She Sheds are are now in. A perfect place to escape the chaotic life at home and have a place of serenity just for YOU! Is this a radical idea….YES! Is it something to plan for in the future, HELL YES! Why women must have their very own She Sheds NOW….

In Britain She Sheds have taken over backyard spaces.  Unlike North American, British houses don’t have basements, and so the back garden is the perfect place to have a dedicated space for your business.  That old garden shed can be transformed into the perfect spot for creativity.   Just like the surge in Tiny Homes, She Shed’s have drawn a lot of attention since we originally posted this blog back in 2015.  In five short years, the popularity has increased so much, it has reached the notice of main stream sources.  The Guardian recently wrote an article on a variety of women entrepreneurs who love their sheds.

Reasons why we should have our own She Shed:

#1 – Women Are Always Multi-tasking And Need to “Chill Out”

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own space, no one allowed unless specifically invited by the she shed owner YOU! Think how much relaxation you will have away from the noise of family life and pets,  all with demands on your time. Your “chill out” she shed would be a place of tranquility, perfectly suited and decorated just for YOU.

#2 – A Place To Just Dream

Dream, yes, dream. If we just had a little more time to relax and let our imagination wander, just think how creative we could be. If our brains are filled with a never ending “to do” list, how can we have space for anything else?

#3 – A Place To Escape At That Time Of The Month

That time of the month when you just feel a tiny little bit snappy. Wouldn’t your family love it if you could escape for a couple of days and wouldn’t you feel so much better, too. A definite advantage for absolutely everyone. This is an excellent point to raise for the she shed project. Won’t your family agree it should be at the top of the project list, an absolute priority?

#4 – A Perfect Spot To Entertain Your Girlfriends

Want a getaway evening with your friends? A she shed fits the bill perfectly. Just need to install that fridge, have some comfy cushions and a place to make the snacks and you are all set.  And that leaves your whole home space for your male partner or kids.

#5 – A Place To Write

How can you craft a blog, a seminar, journal, or write a novel in your house or apartment? You can’t, there are just too many distractions. Think how productive you COULD be if you had a she shed.
What would your She Shed look like? Here are some perfect examples.
Take a look at Tamara Harber’s She Shed and here’s an interview with Tamara and her husband Stuart.
What would your She Shed look like and what would you use it for?