During this time, many women are leaving the workforce, some because they have increased responsibilities on the home front or others because their jobs might have disappeared completely.   Whatever the reason, new women entrepreneurs are dipping their toes into the waters of entrepreneurship.

We are spotlight 3 new women entrepreneurs from Europe, USA and Canada who want to make the world a better and healthier planet.

Zan Shorbagi – Amsterdam

women entrepreneurs Zan hasn’t been a resident in Amsterdam that long.   Most of her career was centered in Dubai, UAE.

With experience in banking and the pharma industries, Zan is on a journey to help make the world more sustainable by eliminating chemicals.

She is developing her own brand of non-toxic cleaning products that will not produce toxic fumes and also will not flush chemicals into the ecosystem.   Nothing is more important to Zan than a greener planet in the years ahead.

At present, Zan is researching and evaluating formulas and production facilities that can develop her new vision for sustainable and natural cleaning products.  At the same time, Zan is working on her branding journey to clearly articulate her purpose and that of her new company, so that her messaging will be strong and authentic to attract buyers.

Tess has only been in LA for a month.  Originally from New York City, Tess packed up her belongings and drove solo across the country to start afresh in LA.   Tess owned her own business in NYC  selling artisanal home wares, house plants and curated workshop experiences, event management, production and consulting services.
This was a successful business, but she realized that to produce more income she would have to double up on her store fronts and work even harder than she was.  After crunching the numbers she realized that the return on investment wasn’t going to equal the effort required to make the income.

That realization led to Tess returning to school for nutrition which combined her desire for healthy living with her love of cooking.   This led Tess to a prestigious position as culinary director for a NYC certified gluten-free restaurant.

Feeling she could do more, she became a private chef and has never looked back.  After stints in NYC, Tess came to the realization that the demand for private chefs was greater on the west coast than it was in New York.  After landing in LA it was only a few days before she secured her current position as a private chef for a well known Hollywood producer.  Tess is all about living the “golden” healthy lifestyle and on her Completely Golden website you can get recipes for healthy eating,meal plans for a healthy gut and a gut cleanse.

The next project for Tess is turning her fabulous recipes for healthy eating into a cookbook.  It has been in the works for a while, but soon it will become a reality!

Eva Beresova – Whistler, BC, Canada

women entrepreneurs

From her roots in Europe Eva learned the value of unique furniture pieces from the mid-century era.  Carefully and lovingly crafted by artisans in the former republics of Europe, these pieces were getting tossed aside and filling up landfills instead of being restored to their former beauty and being showcased as authentic representations of the mid-century era.

Eva has come up with a sustainable concept of renting mid-century  furniture and accessories to give them a new life over and over again.  These pieces can be used in home staging, photo shoots, wedding photography, events and as period pieces for stage and film productions.

With a trading area from Vancouver to Whistler & Pemberton, BC and a warehouse in Squamish, BC, Eva has the Sea to Sky corridor covered.

Recently Eva and her business REREPUBLIC were highlighted in Pique Newsmagazine.   

To check out this beautiful mid-century modern furniture and accessories, browse through the REREPUBLIC website.

Women Entrepreneurs

Let’s celebrate these newcomers!

These three fabulous women, Zan, Tess and Eva,  are making their mark on the world by focusing on healthy living and a sustainable environment.  If you have a story to share with our Fabulous Fempreneurship community, connect with us.  If you are looking for mentorship, check out our mentor profiles.

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