A guest post and Infographic on Female Start-ups Changing the World in 2020 from the folks at TrainWest


The 2020 world of entrepreneurship is a fascinating place where women are really making their mark. Female startups are changing the world! When it comes to female-led startups, there is absolutely a strong trend that speaks to innovation and compelling solutions to high-level problems. Moreover, these solutions say a lot less about the so-called ‘pink-winged stampede’ and much more about the extraordinary vision of the women driving these businesses forward. Over the last five years, venture capitalists have begun to turn their attention to a category that VC Jennifer Neundorfer calls, “An underlooked asset class that is overperforming.”

The impact of these female startups and their dynamic offerings is equally seen in their accelerating value in the marketplace. Female-led start-ups have been on an upwards growth trajectory for the last five years with an unprecedented number — 21 in fact — reaching a very cool billion-door plus value last year. While these businesses may have been the underdog in the past, investment that’s led to many reaching ‘unicorn’ status is a positive trend in the direction of progressive and equitable market developments. Katica Roy writes about this outlook on a macro level, “Startups generate jobs, boost productivity, create new markets, and develop technology that large enterprises depend on.”

The scope for significant economic impact on a social level lies in 50% of female professionals (versus 31% of male) saying they want their work to drive meaningful social change. This is seen specifically in the start-up space again with Lindsay Tigar reporting, “Even with fewer dollars being tossed into the ring, women provide the proof in the pudding, since research indicates women-owned companies deliver more than twice as much per dollar invested.” Even in this unpredictable time of political, social and economic uncertainty, the contributions of female founders and female-led start-ups are worth being excited about or even turning to for inspiration.Female startups bring so much to the table.  Read on for an infographic from Trainwest who have compiled a list of some of the influential Female Start-Ups Changing The World In 2020 and good luck as you pursue your own incredible work.

Female Startups

Women startups changing the world in 2020

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