Facebook adsThere is no better ROI on your Advertising spend than Facebook Ads

Research shows that Facebook Ads are still the most effective social media advertising tool.   Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn advertising are still not there yet in terms of your return on investment (ROI) for dollars spent.

But you can spend a great deal of money on Facebook ads with no results and then wonder why.  We have put together a few basics that will help you target your ads and give you a few ideas for what works.

# 1 Add A Facebook Pixel On Your Website

What does a Facebook Pixel do?

Before you create a facebook ad and spend a lot of money, this pixel helps you refine your target market.  This means you are spending your advertising budget attracting an audience that actually is interested in what you are selling.

How does a Facebook Pixel Work?

Sometimes you think Facebook magically knows that you have visited a website.   What is actually happening is the website you visited has a Facebook pixel installed.

Now when you are on Facebook, ads for the site you previously visited now start showing up on your feed.

Why Should You Care?

This is a shortcut to defining your target audience.   People visit your site for all sorts of reasons but not everyone signs up to your email list the first time and may not come back to your site later to sign up.  When you install a Facebook pixel on your website, any visitor who has previously visited your site will see your facebook ad.   This is called re-targeting.

How Hard Is It to Install a Facebook Pixel?

If you already are familiar with the tech side of your website then it isn’t hard.  With a WordPress website, it is pretty simple to follow thanks to the great tutorial from WP Beginners. Does that still scare you? No worries, we would be happy to help.

#2 Map Out What Your Ad Offer Will Be

The purpose of your ad will determine what offer you make.  For example, if want to grow your email list, then you need to add something of value that your target audience would want for FREE.  Examples could be:

Free e-book

Free case studies

Free excerpt from your book

Free half hour consult

Free introductory course

If the purpose of your ad is to make a product offer, think about what kind of product offer that will be.

It’s also important to know where you are in the marketing content funnel.  The folks at Insane Growth have a great chart to illustrate the content marketing funnel.  The link also gives a full review of how to use Facebook ads.  It’s a great read!

Our Top 5 Tips for Facebook Ads 1



BOGO (buy one, get one free)

25% introductory offer

Limited time special offer


#3 Graphics and Video

Facebook wants pictures and/or videos in your ad.   To-day people have the attention span of a fly.   Colorful graphics/pictures or videos rate the highest.   Facebook, therefore, decides if your ad has enough graphic/video content before it approves your ad.   Only 20% of your ad should include text, so 80% is visual.

If you are using pictures, make sure they are royalty free pictures and not ones you have just grabbed from Google images.

#4 Create a Landing Page for Your Offer

When someone clicks on your offer, it has to lead them somewhere.   It is best if it directed to a specific landing page for the offer.   This a new landing page on your website or one you have created on Lead Pages or Kajabi.

#5 You can create your own Facebook ad

This is simpler than you think.  If you use a graphics program like Canva, there is a template already set up for a Facebook ad, in the correct pixel sizing for Facebook.  All you have to do is import your picture add your text and away you go.

Want more information on Facebook Ads?   Read the post by Tammy Hudgin.

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