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Reiki Can Support Fempreneurs in their Fabulousness

When Elaine Slatter and I began talking about my writing an article about transformational energy and how it can support the Fempreneur in her fabulousness, I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to be a guest blogger. After all, our own connection is fairly new, we are a continent’s breadth away from each other, and our tribes (not yet) overlapping.

With “Transformational Energy Can Help You Create Desired Outcomes” coming out in the September issue of Fabulous Fempreneurship, when Elaine suggested a monthly blog post, I was so excited! The chance – my first, really – to write for someone else’s venture? Lovely!

Reiki is an endlessly fascinating subject – and one which is seeing an advent into the mainstream, bringing people into deeper energetic awareness. In my own community here in the greater Reno/Tahoe area, I am witnessing the blossoming of Reiki as a beloved practice through which one may step into deeper connection and greater expansion.

The beauty is that this practice can support us in whatever form of expression we choose – including Fempreneurship!

art-in-park-1193302Reiki 101 Basics for Fempreneurs

Pronounced ‘ray-kee’, Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes self-care through the graceful, powerful channels of the energy body. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”.

Reiki is, in effect, living, universal energy.

In opening ourselves to Reiki, we open ourselves to understanding that energy is both physical and non-physical, and that it creates, nourishes and supports all parts and forms of life. Some energy we can see (physical manifestation – such as an apple), and some we can’t (non-physical, or metaphysical – our mental, emotional or spiritual selves).

Seen or not, energy flows both through the physical body and around us in an electromagnetic field.

What’s a Reiki Session Like?

Each individual experiences Reiki differently, but most find it extremely relaxing and meditative. In Reiki, the practitioner’s hands are used to channel energy through the energy centers and pathways of the body.

Typically, clients rest comfortably on a massage table, on their back, with shoes removed. Loose comfortable clothing is suggested. The practitioner may use light touch or hands slightly above the body, depending on client preference.

The client may feel a warming sensation, tingling, or simply sheer relaxation. Some practitioners incorporate sound, crystals, essential oils, and/or vibrational modalities to enhance the energetic benefits. Following a session, clients often report that they feel relaxed, rejuvenated, balanced, and/or energized.

Following, lots of water, nutritious food, and rest are a great way to allow the body to integrate the Reiki energies.

How Can Reiki Benefit Me in My Fem-preneurship?

As a Fempreneur, we all know that self-care is one of the foundational pieces for amazing creation – and Reiki is an excellent tool to add to your self-care toolkit.

A Reiki session balances the system as a whole, working to restore energetic order to the body. Through regular Reiki sessions or practice, self-care benefits can include:

  • deep relaxation, aiding the body in stress and tension release;
  • better sleep;
  • removal of energy blockages, adjusting energy flow and bringing the body into balance and harmony;
  • assisting the body in clearing toxins;
  • supporting the immune system and increased vitality; and/or
  • raising the vibrational frequency of the body.

All of which result in greater alignment, clarity and flow – a state of allowing.

And what we know is that allowing is one of the keys to fabulous creation and expression!

Should I begin my own Reiki practice?

This is a very personal question, and one which only you can answer for yourself.

Incorporating Reiki sessions on a regular basis can be a great way to introduce yourself to the world of energetic self-care. Personally, I love receiving Reiki from a practitioner. My time on the Reiki table has been both nurturing and exhilarating. With the facilitation of a practitioner, I have seen breakthroughs in both my inner and outer self – in areas that I struggled for years.

But I also love that I have made the commitment to make the Reiki journey for myself.

Being attuned to Reiki energy has helped me develop a daily awareness around what I am creating energetically.

It has helped me begin to settle into my own skin, balance my emotions, understand my blocks, and be grateful for – instead of afraid of – the ebbs and flows that are a natural part of life. Through Reiki, I was introduced to, and continue to develop, an ever deepening understanding of the way conscious energy work can shape my life – allowing me to be part of a global tribe of fabulous Fempreneurs.

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Dana Ann Dapolito is a Peak Performance/Transformational Energy Coach, owner of Performance Energetics and Ten Simple Steps, and creator of EquiTations: Visualizations for Competitive Excellence.

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