JessiShots1Guest Post by Hillary Strobel, President/CEO of The Flyways, Inc.

What is Sacred to You? 

When people scattered all over the world- including Elaine Slatter, one of our Fearless Leaders- who don’t know each other all start suggesting that “you need to meet this woman!” and they mean the same person, do yourself a favor and follow through with that. That’s called “a sign.”

I had the opportunity to e-meet Chiara Condi of Led By Her


In finding myself in just that position, I had the great good fortune to meet Chiara Condi, Executive Director of the business incubator Led By HER. Chiara was looking for mentors for her clients, French women who have experienced various forms of violence and trafficking that are now moving into the power of entrepreneurism.
I said, let’s make that mentorship happen, and in the midst of our inter-continental conversations, as we began talking about my publishing company and how we can best collaborate to help her clients, Chiara showed me her story “Guardians of the Sacred.”

I immediately became hooked.
Here is an opportunity to support a writer, encourage a real-time interactive story experience, and contribute materially to a social justice cause that is near and dear to my heart- and unfortunately, I think it’s probably near and dear to too many of us.
The Flyways is committed to donating 25% of all profits from the sales of this story to Led By HER, bringing additional services to these incredible survivors. Subscribers are also able to engage with the story in real-time on our social media channels, contributing story ideas, illustrations, and other elements that are limited only by the scope of their imagination!

beautiful painting on canvas of a woman goddess Lada as a mighty loving guardian, with symbol jin jang

A woman goddess Lada as a mighty loving guardian, with symbol jin jang

Guardians of the Sacred is set in Naples, Italy

Modern day Naples, as laid before us in Chiara’s words, is a place of magic; both ancient and modern, and full of sacred things hiding in plain view. People dedicate their lives to these sacred things, and it is their story that is spilling out of “Guardians.”
I want to be there, like yesterday.
They are romantic characters, of course, but more than that. They are curators of the past, our collective past, making sure that it remains sacred to us all. In this way, they are making the collaborative future possible.
It became clear at every step on this journey with Chiara that she is living that same sacred life of guarding, through her work and the people she serves. I couldn’t possibly be happier to be a steward for allowing her creative storytelling to shape the impact her organization will make in women’s lives.   The recorded interview with Chiara is  here on Blab:

As a Social Business, The Flyways is committed with whole heart to building ever-growing relationships between creativity and social impact. We put the storyteller back in the middle of our business model- for they are the reason we can be- and donate 25% of profits to social justice.
The part that I enjoy the most is this: The story is constantly growing and radiating out, evolving. That’s the part where the audience can participate in the world we are building around the story, on our social media channels. Does it strike you that something could use an illustration? We’re over there on Instagram. Compelled to drop in a thought bubble? Give us a tweet.
Of course, do subscribe to “Guardians of the Sacred” and support Chiara’s sacred mission. You will fall in love with Naples through her eyes and with the people who are guarding it, every day.
If you have any questions, or would like a link to subscribe and be a part of the next chapter by giving suggestions about where the story should go next,  please email me at Follow us on social media using the hashtags #socialimpact and #whatissacredtoyou. We’re on Instagram and Twitter as @theflyways.
Enjoy, everyone!     Check out our Flyways website here.