Your Story is Important

As children, we loved hearing a bedtime story.  The story that we could relate to, as we let our imagination drift off into a world of fantasy.  It captivated us, mesmerized us, wowed us and connected us to the characters if only for a short time.  A bedtime story was an important part of our lives, we looked forward to it every night.

In the world of business, storytelling, especially if you are a startup, is important.   Why?   Because people connect better with stories than with facts.   Stories are easy to remember, especially if we can relate to the story.

These successful women tell their story in this powerful video:



5 Tips for Great Storytelling

Tip #1 – Know Your  Target Audience – Whose attention are you trying to get?

Tip #2 – What pain can your story solve?

Tip #3 – Let your customers tell your story

Tip #4 – People are visual, a powerful video can tell a story with very few words

Tip #5 – Be authentic and stand out

In this crowded world of messaging, find a way to stand out by:

  1. Keeping the story SIMPLE
  2. Make the story BELIEVABLE
  3. Craft a UNIQUE story
  4. Connect with EMOTION

I have a story, it’s not my story, but the story of a jeweler and how she was able to use storytelling to differentiate her business.

The story of Krista Jefferson

Earlier this year I attending a conference in Toronto.  Before the conference, there was a mini trade show outside the meeting room.   At one of the booths were two young ladies selling colourful jewelry.   Glancing around the meeting room at the beginning of day one, I noticed many women wearing the jewelry and wondered why.  After we heard the story of the jewelry I’m sure they sold out.   Why…..well because of the story and here it is!

The owner of I Am Just One Jewelry, Krista Jefferson, is also an award winning photographer.  Her journey began when she took a picture of a young cancer patient and a clown at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto that won her a trip to Uganda as a prize in a photography contest.  Off she went to Uganda to photograph people in different villages.   During this trip she heard the stories of Ugandan women, like Anek Grace, who had been abducted and forced to be child soldiers.  Many were child soldiers for up to 8 years, after which some were abandoned and some escaped.  More than a few had children.  Once back in their villages, these women had to make a living for themselves and their children.  So they started to make colorful jewelry from PAPER, which they rolled into shapes, painted and strung into stunning necklaces and bracelets.

When Krista came back to Canada, she was so inspired by these artisans, with whom she had shared tears and laughter, it gave her a new purpose and she started her on-line jewelry business.  A large portion of the proceeds is returned to Uganda to help these women become self-sufficient.

With each piece of jewelry, Krista adds the story of a child soldier on a card inserted in the box.   I carry this card in my wallet and I wear my necklace a lot, because it is an opportunity to share the story and inspire someone else to buy the jewelry to help women like Grace.

anek grace

For more on how to get the most out of storytelling if you are a startup, hope over to Amazon and download “Storytelling for Startups” by Mark Evans.

Do you have an inspiring story to share?  Contact us and tell your story.  The best stories will receive a free copy of our new book “Fabulous Fempreneurship”.