In this podcast with Amy Vodarek we explore women and power, creating an impact and influence.  We discuss how we can grow our power to take care of what we care about, speak into our concerns with confidence and redefine what power is, to empower rather than take power away.  Amy slays the misconceptions about power and what holds women back from leveraging it to grow their business and leadership.

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Amy Vodarek Bio

Amy Vodarek, MScN, Executive Coach, Facilitator, Author, Speaker

Amy is on a mission to help women step powerfully into their potential and boldly share their voice to expand their unique gifts to lead, to serve and create an impact. She believes our most crucial leadership journey is within, that soft skills are essential skills and, we grow to become the person we need to become through each success, challenge, and failure. Her work with women leaders, their teams and organizations are expressions of her care, passion, and interest in action.

Women who work with Amy learn to identify and develop critical leadership capabilities and up level their impact on their most strategic and vital results. Through genuine connection and skillful conversation, clients gain crucial insights setting them apart to create extraordinary, socially conscious results while becoming whom they desire to become along the way.

She’s the founder of Insight Edge, a premier women’s leadership development company offering executive, team and leadership coaching, workplace culture and strategy consulting, and workshop facilitation.

She’s also the co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance, exploring the internal barriers holding women professionals back from stepping into and expressing their full potential.

She’s the mom of children Julia, Ryan, Abby, and Kate who continually teach her to be a better version of herself,

Credentials: Amy is a program coach for Newfield Asia and holds coaching certifications from Newfield Network Executive and Ontological Coaching; The Institute of Generative Leadership, Executive and Team Leadership Coaching, The ICF, and Genuine Contact Holistic Facilitation; The Leadership Circle Profile; Leadership 360 Assessment and Culture Survey. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing.


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