In this episode with Natasha Feghali, we discuss the importance of women and finance.  Natasha is an independent business woma/teacher who used to love shopping and spending money.   After a coffee discussion with a youngish, retired entrepreneur turned actor, she realized she was on track to nowhere as far as her money was concerned.   She knew she wanted to change her spending behaviours and grow her money. If this is important to YOU, listen as Natasha walks you through

-What is the most important part of investing for women

-Why should women get into housing investments

-Why she started investing in housing

-How can a women harmonize all her dreams in her life and journey

-Do you feel that we have different stages in our lives

-What part of a women’s life is the most important

Women and Finance


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Natasha Feghali Bio

Natasha E. Feghali, an award winning Canadian for her philanthropy in community and strong dedication to education. She is the recipient of the 40 Under 40 United Way/ Leadership Windsor-Essex Award 2018 as well as numerous awards and recognitions; most notably the Sovereign Canadian Medal in 2015 for her dedication to education and the future of entrepreneurship and youth.

She is an international educator working overseas throughout her career while giving workshops, seminars and conferences Nationally and Internationally. She has taught in China, France, Kuwait and Ontario for 10 yrs.

Feghali is also a distinguished media personality acting as MC in her community events, hosting events in the GCC as well as a journalist since 2012 and has written for magazines such as Bazaar Kuwait and City Pages Middle East.

Most recently she has received the Odyssey Award from the University of Windsor and has been published in a book on Women and Leadership in Ontario with the Elementary Teachers Federation.

She is also the Founder of Feghali Group Inc a rental home and storage unit entrepreneurship with 11 doors and clients across Ontario. She began investing in 2015 and is now cash flowing six figures yearly. Natasha also shares Tips and Tricks for Landlords via her socials and Youtube to help landlords achieve their maximum potential.

She works with Venture Partners and is now looking to go International with her investments.

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