In our podcast with Hera Zee, we are going to learn why more reach and visibility is the last thing to focus on in business.  Hera is a sales and marketing strategist for online entrepreneurs and in this podcast you will discover:

  • If Reach + Visibility are last, what do you focus on first?
  • How do you make sure your offers sell?
  • Why don’t you do big splashy public launches?
  • What marketing strategies are you completely ditching in 2022?
  • What’s the #1 mistake you see most entrepreneurs making on Social Media?
  • What are some of your best list building strategies?
  • You don’t post on social media that often!  How do you get away with that and still grow your business?
  • You say your Google drive is worth $20 million…what’s in there !?

Why MORE reach + Visibility is the LAST Thing to focus on in business!


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Hera Zee Bio

Hera Zee is a Sales + Marketing Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs who want to structure their business for profit, sustainability + growth. For the past decade, Hera has been a strategist behind the scenes of thousands of businesses and has become known for her ability to find a business’ blindspots + leverage them to increase profit + sales.  Her real, honest and transparent way of explaining things is a refreshing take on Marketing in 2022.

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