How Do You Decide When Is The Right Time To Set Up Your Own Business?

This is an interesting topic because there probably is no absolutely right time!  For our podcast guest, Sarah Seale, it was taking the leap and going into the cannabis industry.  Sarah has tons of international experience in the food industry and over 15 years experience in the areas of operations, sales, human resources, and franchise development.  She saw a market gap in the “hot” cannabis industry because not only is she handling the HR side for a growing list of clients, Sarah is able to combine this with complete management consulting.  This young industry is still trying to sort out what kind of management structure it needs and what kind of expertise they will require in the short and long term. Sarah’s experience makes her ideally suited to jump right in.  Sarah talks about how you can use your ladder of experience to try something completely new or segue into a specific industry using your skillset.

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A free 30-minute consultation for anyone looking to set up a business.  Connect with Sarah to set up your consultation via email at

Sarah Seale Bio

Sarah Seale is the Managing Partner of CMR North Inc, a management resource company dedicated to the Cannabis Industry.  Sarah brings over 15 years’ experience in the areas of Operations, Sales, Human Resources and Franchise development to the Cannabis market and works hand in hand with some of the biggest names in the industry.


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